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    Monday, 10 June 2019

    Sickle Cell: "Dreams Shattered, Disappointed But Survived" - Nigerian Lady, Ayodele Owoyele

    Sickle Cell: "Dreams Shattered, Disappointed But Survived" - Nigerian Lady, Ayodele Owoyele
    A Nigerian Lady, Ayodele Owoyele shares her sickle cell story as she proves one can live a normal active life with sickle cell. Gistvic Reports.

    Ayodele Owoyele said when her dream of been a tourist seems shattered because of her health she was able to pull through.

    Read Her Sickle Cell Story:

    Attending a public school in Lagos, Nigeria (polytechnic) taught me a lot more about myself and sickle-cell anaemia.

    I remember processing my admission into the university, wishing and hoping to get far away from home not until my dream was shattered by my folks and loved ones telling me how it was dangerous to stay far from home because of my health and complications. I felt so pained my dream of being a tourist quickly faded away when the hustle for admission became a tug of war. Eventually I got an OND admission into Highland College of Technology, Ibadan.

    They worriedly let go because  of the long wait before the admission. During all this process, I kept assuring everyone  that I can handle everything and i will be fine by God's grace. After a lot of prayers and warning, I finally went to Ibadan to school .

    The school was informed about my health status which I didn't like but you know prevention is better than cure which they also promised to look after me and immediately registered me under a good health care close to school.

    Then the race began, early to rise, late to bed, long hours of classes, short-time of socialising and trying to be the best among peers.

    Soulage Foundation covered all of my medical bills in and out of crisis and finally finished my ND in Ibadan and HND in Lagos at Yaba College Of Technology, tho it was really stressful but finished gracefully.

    If I can, You Can Also Live Right With Sickle Cell"

    Sickle Cell: "Dreams Shattered, Disappointed But Survived" - Nigerian Lady, Ayodele Owoyele



    1. My wonderful daughter' Kudos to you for not giving up' Congratulations! More grace to a greater height' God has not finished with you' This is just the beginning'

    2. Thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. May the grace never cease. More strength. Abayomi.

    3. Ay, we believe in you still. God got your back. Keep soaring!


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