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    Tuesday, 1 October 2019

    Nigeria At 59: If Nigeria Was A Book - ARA (LYRICS + AUDIO)

    Nigeria At 59: If Nigeria Was A Book - ARA (LYRICS + AUDIO)

    ARA is a spoken word poet/artiste, writer, and composer,  with a passion to use his works to proclaim the gospel of Christ and preach hope and love to the nations. 

    The spoken word poem, "If Nigeria Was A Book" was written and performed by ARA at the biggest slam in Nigeria War of Words Season 8. 

    The poem carries encoded messages of the faults in the land, how to make things better and a message of hope. 



    Chapter one, paragraph one
    Of this book I’m about reading to you
    From the table of the best-selling author of all-time selling off peace

    Once upon a time in a land
    Precious was every dime in this land
    Where agriculture and politics
    Walked hand-in-hand

    Unlike the movies, see there’d be no end to this book
    But I’d beg for roles to be switched in the script
    The minor casts contesting to be co-writers too
    But corruption’s hard work is well written upon the manuscript

    If Nigeria was a book
    It’d be incomparable to a novel, a dictionary or an encyclopedia
    It would be the daily times that are short of guardians, enabling the vanguard land a punch below the belt of the Nation

    A land with thousands of hungry mouths to feed
    Yet we’ve got so much meat we keep beefs in our heart
    Even closer than we keep our neighbors
    So, it’d be our pleasure to kill citizens like fowls to ensure the safety of our cows

    The distribution of this book can be banked on anytime any day, reaching the east, the west, the south and even up north
    But the tale told in this book won’t be of guaranteed trust but of standard chattered (pronounced as shattered)
    Fidelity evaporating into the skye
    Because at First there was no union
    So it only makes sense that our Zenith is only an eco (pronounced as echo)

    It would be a book down casting Integrity and sincerity
    At the promotion of vote castings called democracy
    With little or no difference at all
    When compared to tyranny

    Flipping flaunted fables
    Sighting salted sugars
    Touching technical tattered twinkles
    Glittering from afar but disgusting and irritating, releasing the venom of retrogression

    This would be the diary of a nation soaring on the wings of chickens
    Giant as tall as kindergarten pupil’s
    Corruption the lotion that causes citizens to glow
    And frustration the golden smile the society knows

    God has given this land amazing writers and authors
    But failure’s not one of us; if Nigeria was a book
    We wouldn’t be the fiction of failure’s creativity
    But the drama of hard work’s consistency

    ‘Cause in this script I’d be a character, as well as you
    We’d be the characters that would come forth from the pages
    We’d be the Goosebumps on this author, never to return to the cages ironically called pages
    ‘Cause unrelentingly we will fight for ages
    Against the friendly-façade, self-centered, and looting-loving jailer of an author
    That wants to keep us locked up

    In togetherness, YES! We will fight!
    ‘Cause then, like singular notes in harmony, Nigeria would make a perfect score sheet
    Producing a melodious tone in symphony that never settles at the minor but the major!
    The major chord needed to forge the right key to open up the golden treasure buried in the greenness of our land!
    So, yes if Nigeria was a book I’d have it in my hand and every single word in my mind
    Even though it is tattered I know the best things in life do not always appear fine!
    So, Yes, if Nigeria was a book, I’d read it!!!


    Mobile number: 07011903339 

    IG/Twitter/YouTube: ara_wondar 

    Facebook: ara_speaks 


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