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13-year-old boy Stabs His Brother To Death During An Argument



13-year-old boy Stabs His Brother To Death During An Argument

A 13-year-old boy stabbed his elder brother to death while they were engaged in an argument.

Ebikari Andrew, 13, stabbed Tarikebina Andrew, 20, to death at Jehovah Witness Road, off Goodnews Street in Azikoro, Bayelsa State.

The brothers were at a friend’s house at about 9pm on Saturday, March 7, when Tarikebina noticed Ebikari was falling asleep already. He asked him to go back home, since their house is only a few meters away. However, Ebikari refused.

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His refusal led to a disagreement between them and, in anger, Ebi went into their friend’s kitchen and brought out a knife with which he stabbed his elder brother.

Tarikebina was rushed to the Federal Medical Center Yenagoa where he was confirmed dead due to internal bleeding.

Consequently, their father reportedly took his son’s corpse home and hurriedly buried him to avoid a police investigation that could lead to the arrest of his younger son.

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However, neighbours contacted the police and they responded to the scene and arrested the suspect and the boys’ father.

The police also ordered the body of the murdered boy to be exhumed, and it was later taken to the hospital.

The suspect and his father are in police custody for interrogation and possible prosecution on the matter.

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