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What We Know About Brymo’s Rape Allegation

Nigerian singer Brymo is been accused of rape by a young lady and Nigerians are not happy about it.

The Twitter user ‘Biliqus _x‘ took to her Twitter page to accuse the singer of sexually assaulting her. Not long after the story was shared, another user commented sharing the story of a young woman who was raped by the singer.

What We Know About Brymo's Rape Allegation

HAS Brymo Reacted??

NO. Kemi Filani who allegedly reported to have reached the singer said the manager revealed Brymo is not commenting on the issue as his lawyers have been briefed to take necessary actions.

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Brymo is not going to comment on that issue, i am his manager and we wouldn’t want to comment on this issue, as they will hear from our lawyer soon. I don’t care what the media or anybody wants to call it, like i said, we are going to go legal on the issue”.

However, another source close to both parties revealed that the said girl was his bed mate, as everything between them was consensual.

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“The girl used to go to his house and do whatever she likes. She is vexed that Brymo didn’t want to take whatever is between the “to the next level” she decided to get back at him. It wasn’t rape” The source said.


As of the time of writing this report, Only A written allegation was provided on a notepad.

What We Know About Brymo's Rape Allegation

According to the Twitter user, a young lady had gone to visit Brymo alongside her friend. They talked about music, had wine and generally talked until it seemed like one of them had been drugged by Brymo and the singer used that opportunity to start assaulting the victim.

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Nigerians and Fans and waiting for Brymo’s reaction to the rape accusation.

What We Know About Brymo's Rape Allegation

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