Monday, October 26

What We Know About ‘Cute Abiola’ Arrest Over Wearing a Military CAMO For His Birthday

Popular Nigerian comedian Abiola Abdulgafar known as Ankara Gucci or Cute Abiola have been arrested over wearing an army CAMO outfit for his 24th birthday.

The comedian who was born on 28th April 1996 celebrated his 24th birthday two days ago shared beautiful photos on camo outfit.

Cute Abiola who is also a Naval officer have been arrested the Nigerian Navy around 7pm on Wednesday, April, 29, 2020 in Lagos and is currently being held at a Naval facility in Apapa. .

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He was arrested for posing in his official uniform on Instagram.

According to a source, he was arrested because his action isn’t expected of an officer and it may be deemed punishable with a very lengthy detention or dismissal from service.

The insider said Cute Abiola got in trouble after one of his overzealous fans made a video collage of his birthday pictures just to celebrate him. The video, however, went viral on WhatsApp and ended up with the Naval hierarchy.

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We could recall, The comedian received a car gift from an unknown on his 24th birthday.

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