Wednesday, October 21

NBA Calls Out Lasisi Elenu After ‘The Law’ Skit Video

Comedian Lasisi Elenu has been called out by a representative of the Nigerian Bar Association after he made a skit video about Lawyers.

Habeeb Lawal, the Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, took to Twitter to react to one of Lasisi’s comedy videos.

Habeeb Lawal wrote:

“Dear @lasisielenu, We’ve been tagged! We beg to use you as a point of reference to all other comedians. Lawyers have awesome sense of humour, as such we enjoy your jokes & appreciate the creativity. However, if you must represent our profession in your works…

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“kindly ensure you properly adorn the wig, bip & gown. We acknowledge your right of expression, but NOTE that we also reserve the rights to take all NECESSARY steps to guide against the ridicule of our noble profession and @NigBarAssoc shall not hesitate to exercise those rights.

“In the likely event that you need a guide on how to make a joke about lawyers without ridiculing our appearance, here is a good guide.”

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