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3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)



3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)

Picking the right web host for a WordPress websites can be a pain in the neck, especially when you are a Newbie in the field.

When we started our website in 2017 on Blogger (free domain), we were all over the web, reading and looking for the right and cheap host to use. After doing a thorough research and trying out different hosting platforms, we got hold of 5 best web hosting providers. But in this article, we are only going to discuss 3.

Putting up a website is not as hard as some people think. The problem is picking the right web host.

Types of Web Hosting

Should i choose a Shared hosting, Virtual private server (VPS) hosting or Dedicated server hosting to house my website?


Shared Hosting

Are you just starting out your blog or website?, Shared Hosting is the basic and it’s cheaper than other web hosting.

When you are on a Shared Hosting, your website will be sharing resources with other websites on one server. There will definitely be limited amount of resources which can affect your website performance and experience. BUT the hosting is perfect if you are just starting with low traffic.

In 2018, We noticed our website was always going offline when we were hitting a daily traffic of 60k views. We had to change hosting because it was affecting our user experience.

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VPS Hosting

VPS which means “virtual private server”, is above a shared hosting. It gives a site and the owners more control and space. This will lead to high performance and faster loading times.

N.B: Your website will be sharing a physical server with other websites but it wont be as many as that of Shared hosting.

We would gladly say, using a virtual private server is good which is what we are using on this website. We have been able to stop unexpected downtime and house our large files (videos and images).

Dedicated Server Hosting

Do you want to have control over your server? Or you are hitting a monthly visits of 300,000? Dedicated Server Hosting is the best for you.

Dedicated hosting gives the website owners more control over the server that means full admin access. However, its the most expensive type of web hosting which is used mostly by large ecommerce sites and enterprises.

When you are on this kind of hosting plan, you have control over everything ( security, functions of the server, configuration, installation, management and more).

N.B: Don’t jump on this kind of hosting plan if you cant keep up with the hosting fee on the long run or you have low level of technical expertise in installation and management of the server. 

Which Is The Best

With the options listed above, you might be a little confused on the hosting plan to choose. What you should note is picking the best web hosting package that fits your type of website, taking into account the resources, budget, and traffic you need or seek to acquire.

  • Shared Hosting – For Starters and low traffic.
  • VPS Hosting – Websites hitting high amount of traffic and those who wants to run custom configurations to the server.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – Websites hitting massive amount of traffic and wants to have full control over EVERYTHING.
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3 Recommended Web Hosting Providers

The next step is to find the best web hosting for your website.

When picking a web host, we recommend an international host. WHY?, they are more reliable which is one of the most important factor when keeping your valuable data to a third party organization.

Some local Nigerian hosts are quite manageable but when you seek for Speed, Security, Customer service and Bandwidth, we recommend an international host.

ABA MADE PRODUCTS OR APPLE MADE PRODUCTS?… It is good to go for quality sometimes.

See Our Three Recommended Web Hosting:

The currency exchange rate being used is 1 USD = 386.02 NGN

Bluehost Hosting

3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)

This type of hosting is the most popular and the best for starters. It has also been recommended by WordPress.

The plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and discounts for new customers. You can find out if its a good hosting for you through a trial.

3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)

On shared hosting, prices actually start at $3.95 per month as seen above, makes it $47.4 for the full year which comes with a “Free SSL Certificate” and “Unmetered Bandwidth”.

In Naira, that is N1,524 per month and N18,297 per year.

Contabo Hosting.

Contabo is a German hosting provider which offers computing power, storage and networking for all hosting & cloud needs.

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 Contabo received the German Data Center Award 2017 & 2018 for the modernization of its data center in Nuremberg.

Contabo offers self-installable applications and it is very easy to operate multi-sites like WordPress through its cPanel.

Full Disclosure: We Use Contabo at Gistvic

Within the few months we have been on Contabo we have recorded massive increase in speed, security and user experience.

See Some Other Added Features.

  • Free SSL certificate with all plans
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 100% server availability
  • Access to multi-sites like WordPress and more.
3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)

On shared hosting, prices actually start at E2.99 per month as seen above, makes it E35.88 for the full year.

In Naira, N1,154 per month and N16,386 per year.

We recommend using PayPal as a payment method on this Web Host.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hosting. If you are looking for website speed, we suggest A2 Hosting.

ARE YOU ON A BAD HOST? A2 Hosting offers free site migrations that come with every hosting package.

3 Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria (Recommended)

Shared hosting on A2 hosting, starts with $2.99 per month. equivalent to $35.88 per year.

In Naira, N1,154 per month and N13,850 per year.


You can try any of the hosting providers listed above. Kindly drop a message if you have any question about Nigerian web hosting.

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