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“Benefit Boys” Trends On Social Media, Who Are They?



"Benefit Boys" Trends On Social Media, Who Are They?

Benefit boys are trending on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms after some boys were videoed flaunting their luxurious cars and phones.

Benefit Boys are tagged as “Yahoo Boys” who are also called Internet Fraudsters going by the reactions on social media.

However, Some secondary school students who tagged themselves as “Benefit Boyz” were seen showing off their expensive items during lectures.

Few hours later, The boys who claimed to be ‘benefit boys’, said they are comedians. “We no be benefit boys, We be comedians. The only benefit boys i know is bank beneficiary”, They said during an Instagram live.

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See Reactions On Social Media:

  • @housethepartyng – #benefitsboys everywhere. I would like to see what the Uni benefit boys will do when they resume.
  • @OdigieWisdom1 – BENEFITS BOY enter staff room Tell INTRO TECH teacher make he write name of nonsense maker.
  • @jasper_Dmw_ – Omo #benefitsboys Dey smoke weed for school, principal say make teachers leave them say na High School.
  • @boombastia – #benefitsboys ask French teacher maybe hin fit help them follow their French client reason…
  • @justdoit9ja_ – #benefitsboys Don wire 500k to principal They won turn the skul to cyber Cafe clients Dey wait.
  • @i_talk_anyhow – #benefitsboys don turn teacher to baby.
  • @weirdKingsley – Benefit boy smash teacher Android for ground , talk say the phone dey remind him of his poor beginning. #benefitsboys.
  • @Teeklefff – Principal go flog benefit boy, the following day principal dey receive call from lawyer say dem don buy him school.
  • @ephraem_ – Small truth and dare one benefit boy don enter Hall during PTA meeting go comot meat pie from principal table #benefitsboy.
  • @_donbabs_ – #benefitsboys host party, principal na DJ
"Benefit Boys" Trends On Social Media, Who Are They?

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