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Nigerian Man Plans With A Prostitute To Propose To His Girlfriend



Nigerian Man Plans With A Prostitute To Propose To His Girlfriend

In a viral video, A Nigerian man plans with a female prostitute to propose to his long time girlfriend.

The whole scenario started when the unidentified man took his girlfriend to the supermarket for a shopping spree. Few hours after arriving, some ladies came out of nowhere to accuse the man of sleeping with them without paying — which definitely was a prank.

The girlfriend was speechless and embarrassed going by her reaction in the video. What made social media users reacting, was her mode of composure during the whole process.

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The boyfriend who was “acting”, denied and shouted at the ladies which brought the intervention of the security officers.

When things were getting a little out of hand, The man knelt down and ask the “Will you marry me” question.

This is coming few days after, a lady walked out on her lover during a public marriage proposal because he refused to kneel down.

Watch Video Below:

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