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Risikat Azeez: The Nigerian Woman With The Blue Eyes

A Nigerian lady, Risikat Azeez Ayegbami went viral after her husband left her and their daughters, Kaosarat and Hassanat because they had blue eyes in Ilorin, Kwara State.

 30-years-old Risikat was married to Abdulwasiu Oloye who is a vulcaniser.

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  • The mother of two, Risikat Azeez was born with blue eyes. At a young age, several test were conducted on her which came out good — revealed that her eyes were fine.
  • Risikat eyes was loved by many because of its rare look.
  • Risikat grew older and got married. She gave birth to two girls and all of them inherited her eye colour.
  • She was later abandoned by her husband, Abdulwasiu Omo Dada who was worried about their children blues eyes.
  • She had to run to her parents for food and medical care. She later delivered her second daughter at the hospital with the bills paid by her parents.
  • The second child also came with a blue eyes which sparked up reactions and denial from her husband’s parent.
  • Risikat had to yield to her parents advice by leaving her husband house because of his attitude and leaving home for weeks without money for feeding.
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However, after days of abandoning his wife and kids, Risikat’s husband came out of hiding.

Wasiu Omo Dada denied his wife report, said he love and married Risikat because of her blue eyes.

  • Wasiu said his wife left because of her “waywardness”.
  • Wasiu denied reports that he didn’t provide the medical bills when his wife went to the hospital to have their kids.
  • He says that almost every two week, he takes buckets of rice, beans, bread, and more to his in-laws’ home for his wife and kids. He added that he buys his daughters expensive clothes.
  • However, Risikat’s mother debunked his claims. She said her son-in-law never took care of her daughter and grandchildren.
  • Wasiu denied his mother-in-law’s claims and swore that his parents never hated his daughters’ eyes. He also swore that he never starved his wife and daughters.
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People with Blue Eyes are rare. A research carried out shows about 10% of the World’s Population has blue eyes. Brown is the most common eye color while Dark brown eyes are most common in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Risikat Azeez: The Nigerian Woman With The Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes: Risikat Azeez and her two daughters ( Kaosarat and Hassanat)

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