Tuesday, October 27

Yahaya Aminu Shariff: Nigerian Singer Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy In Kano

A Nigerian singer Yahaya Aminu Shariff has been sentenced to death for blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed.

22-year-old Aminu sherif was found guilty for blasphemy by Sharia court in Kano after he shared a song via WhatsApp in March 2020.

The singer’s family home has been burnt down by protesters who later gathered at the Kano Hisbah command’s headquarters, demanding action against him.

His father had disowned him, saying he was not living at his house when he committed the crime.

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Aminu went into hiding after he composed the song which reportedly praised an imam from the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood above the Prophet Muhammad.

There have been several death sentences by the Sharia Courts for blasphemy against the Islamic prophet but only one was carried out which was in 2002, when a man was convicted for killing a woman and her kids. WILL Yahaya Aminu Shariff BE HANGED TO DEATH??

See Reactions On Social Media:

  • @Imamofpeace – Nigerian singer Yahaya SharifAminu, 22, is about to be executed for blasphemy. This is a bogus charge. Blasphemy is a very technical term that meant something in the 14th Century. In 2020 this is a violation of human rights.
  • @ExmuslimsN – Nigeria Government forgave 601 Boko Haram members, dressed them for graduation and gave them 20k each but Yahaya Aminu Sharif has been sentenced to death by hanging because of blasphemy against Muhammed. Remember, he killed nobody.
  • @AhmZaks – No level of democracy now or in the future can provide anyone the liberty to blashphem our holy Prophet,yahaya Aminu Sharif deserves nothing Less. Astagfirullah rabbi wa Atubu ilaihi.

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