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Florida Woman Stabs A Cop In The Arm Before Being Shot Dead



Florida Woman Stabs A Cop In The Arm Before Being Shot Dead

A Florida woman, Leah Baker stabbed a police officer and was then fatally shot, as seen in bodycam video.

The State Attorney’s Office ruled the death of Leah Baker, 29, a justifiable police shooting after she emerged from her home with the butcher knife.

Baker, a young mother who suffered with her mental health, had called officers to her home at around 5pm on April 11 after an argument with her housemate about medication.  

The bodycam footage shows Officer Elizabeth Mechling arrive to Baker’s home on Golfair Boulevard.

Florida Woman Stabs A Cop In The Arm Before Being Shot Dead

“What the f—k!” Mechling says while stumbling backward onto the street and telling a dispatcher she was stabbed. “Drop the f—king knife! Get on the f—king ground!”

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Baker appears to toss the knife in front of her before picking it up again, prompting Mechling to fire two shots, both of which missed, WJXT reports.

“Shots fired!” Mechling says.

A second officer, Sgt. John Nobles, an 18-year Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office veteran, then arrives and demands Baker drop the knife, according to the video.

“Put that f—king knife down right now!” Nobles says.

“Get on the ground, get away from that knife!” Mechling yells.

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Baker picks up the knife, which had been at her feet, and lunges toward Noble, who fires four shots, WJXT added.

Baker fell to the ground, but held onto the knife and started punching a police K-9 that latched onto her leg after the shooting. The dog dragged Baker into the street as officers took her into custody, the station reports.

Baker was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

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