Tuesday, October 27

Marriage isn’t an achievement for me – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson speaks about her marriage after she was dragged by a Troll.

The troll wrote:

”YvonneNelson won’t you marry you are getting old. Is this how being famous brings?”

She replied: “marriage like i always say isn’t an achievement for me. Real love, kids an education and happiness are! You cant tell me how to live my life. The society you wanna please so much will kill you one day. No one cares about you anyways.” She added. “I’ll live the way i want it. I can do the so called marriage when it feels RIGHT TO ME.

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The troll replied:

“I understand ur pain and intensity my friend but getting baby without man getting along with is totally Ruthless.. u personality should not be all about money and fame thank you”

Yvonne replied: “my pain? You dont read to understand do you? READ again. Always in a hurry to show how shallow you are. I mentioned 4 things. REAL LOVE. KIDS. HAPPINESS. EDUCATION.”

The troll continued:

“well I guess I will rest my case for now but think about it because real love await u…may God grant you ur hart desire.

Yvonne Nelson has a daughter, Ryn Roberts.

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