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“Stray Kids” Kim Woojin Speaks On Sexual Assault Allegations



"Stray Kids" Kim Woojin Speaks On Sexual Assault Allegations

South Korean singer and ex-stray kids member, Kim Woojin reacted to sexual assault allegations which was made against him on Twitter.

"Stray Kids" Kim Woojin Speaks On Sexual Assault Allegations
Kim Woojin accused of sexual assualt.

On September 7, Kim Woojin was accused for allegedly sexual harassing women at a bar. “It seems like he’s already drunk, so we go grab my waist and ask if we want to drink with him, but they say it’s really scary. Forced me”, A lady said.

Kim Woojin has however made a statement on the allegations. He plans on taking action against the false accusations. “Hello. This is Woojin Kim. Today, I’m going through an embarrassing thing, so I’m posting a post to inform the fans of the current status of both co-workers and co-workers.”, He said on Instagram. “Someone on twitter has spread strange rumours and deleted your account..”

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He added: ” I’ve never met him, and I’ve never been to the places mentioned. The fans must have been surprised a lot, but don’t worry too much because it’s not true.” “And. I recently singned a contract with a company I like, and I’m working hard for my solo activities.”

Kim Woojin plans to give more update on the news when action has been done against the rumours. “The company is planning to take action against the spreaders of false facts, and the company will respond afterwatds, so please do not worry.” He said “Then I’ll deliver the news again. Thank you.”

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Kim Woojin left the stray kids band in October 2019 due to undisclosed personal reasons.

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