Sunday, October 25

Another Police Officer caught smoking weed in viral video

An unidentified man in police uniform was caught smoking weed while on duty, reports said.

The video which was shared on Twitter has gained over 100k views and 15k plus retweets. “Another police officer caught taking weed on duty. Retweet Let’s keep exposing them. Let the government see the people they employed to protect us.” Twitter user, @unclebayotics wrote.

The police man was meticulously folding his weed while his gun was on his laps. “If him take this thing finish now, e go dey shoot gun as if na banger him dey blow.” A twitter user wrote while reacting to the video.

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Nigerians are calling for the arrest of the police officer amid the #endsars protest in the country.

This is coming few days after a man in a police uniform was caught smoking shisha. The police force while reacting to the video said they have commenced investigations into the video and true identity of the man in uniform.


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