Tuesday, October 27

Police to Investigate Officer Obioma O. Obi for assaulting and pulling a gun on End SARS protester

The Nigerian Police have swift into action to investigate a DPO named Obioma O. Obi, who punched and pulled a loaded gun on an #ENDSARS protester.

The assault happened in Owerri during a peaceful protest.

The video is going viral as Nigerians call for the arrest of the police officer. “Just look at the animals ‘protecting’ us. Obioma O. Obi assaulted peaceful protesters in Owerri on camera and even loaded his pistol & threatened to shoot. Imagine what he will do behind cameras.” @YinkaPost said on Twitter.

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While responding to the assault, The Nigerian Police said the situation is under investigation. “Your complaint is hereby acknowledged and investigation has been initiated. Your tracking number is #CRU617868, Thank you for contacting NPF-CRU.” The Police wrote on Twitter.

The #ENDSARS protest is going round the country as angry Nigerians call for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

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