Tuesday, October 27

SARS officer accidentally shoot colleague at #endsars protest

An unidentified Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) officer has allegedly shot his colleague during a #endsars protest — reports said it was a mistake.

SARS wanted to shoot at protesters ended up shooting their own colleague will his intestines came out.. Graphic details & picture but very soothing” A twitter user wrote. 

The death of the sars officer was alleged to be the cause of more shootings by the Police officers.

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“He’s was rushed to the hospital by his partners he wasn’t dead when they drove off the left in a Nissan Pathfinder, the officer was wearing a t-shirt that had red, black and white strips.” A witness told Gistvic.

“They had shot and had finished shooting when they discovered they had shot their own colleague. They rushed him to the hospital themselves.” The source added.

“The officers of the Anti kidnapping Squad started the shooting, Boys ran away regrouped and came back. The officers kept taunting them saying “if they were bold they should come back” I heard it, nobody told me this. The boys regrouped came back and were facing off with the Officers peacefully.” The source said

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“They tried to scare them off and in midst of the chaos one or two bad eggs from this crowd started throwing stones at the direction of the officers and them it happened the officers responded with gun shots that if you were there you would think a robbery was going on.”

He said. “boys took off when the dust settled an unidentified man was hit by a bullet just in front of the street where their office is, his intestines were all over the place and the officers quickly mobilized a vehicle put him in it and drove off to where I don’t know.”

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In the video which was shared online, The sars officer was seriously bleeding after he was shot.

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