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Soro soke werey: Meaning and Originator of the slang


“soro soke werey” has become a popular slang amid the #endsars protest in Nigeria. We present you the meaning and originator of the slang.

The fight against Police brutality, extortion and illegal arrest has been the current situation in the country following serious protest by angry youths. The yoruba word “soro soke werey” which means speak up mad man or woman, has been one of the most used word during the protest —  It is used to call out the goverment who embezzle the nations funds.

The phrase is also used on individuals who don’t answer swifty to questions …. like the video above.

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Originator Of Soro Soke Werey

Nollywood actress Toyin Afolayan better known as Lola Idije has been narrowed down as the originator of the slang. She shot into fame after starring as Madam Adisa in a 1995 film titled Deadly Affair.

Soro soke werey: Meaning and Originator of the slang
Originator Of Soro Soke Werey, Toyin Afolayan known as Lola Idije.

#ReformTheNigeriaPolice and #ArrestKillerOfficers trends on Twitter as Nigerians call for the arrest of Police officers who have illegally extorted and killed a Nigerian youth.

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