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Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Casinos in 2023



With the rise of online gaming platforms, the versatile nature of the Internet makes room for endless niches. Casinos started operating online in the late 90s and have grown ever since. Existing applications of casino games then became available for everyone who had access to the internet. You, too, can play online today at any of our casinos from a list of no deposit sign up bonus casinos in Australia. Read the article to learn about the biggest wins in casino history.

Enticing Features of Online Casinos

Online casinos may have a different user experience but still have enticing features. The biggest flex with online gaming is the convenience it offers. You can get on to any gambling platform anywhere, anytime, rather than take a trip down to a casino house. Also, online casinos are known to have a lot more game payment options than live casinos. 

Most games at a regular casino are traditional versions of popular table games. In contrast, online platforms like some from the ranking of the best online casinos in Australia by include these games and more. Lastly, the introduction of virtual reality has further improved user experience. Now, let’s talk about some of the biggest wins in online casino gaming.

Casumo Casino 2.3 Million Win

An anonymous player won a mouthwatering prize of €2,311,598 with only €0.60 playing the 5k Gold Mine Dream Drop game at Casumo casino. The insane wallet balance increase stunned the player before contacting the casino multiple times to ensure the money was real and withdrawable. 

Relax Gaming already paid out €1.9 million and €2.4 million this year before this win. The player announced their intention to reduce work and retire early with the funding and encouraged players to try the dream drop games by Relax Gaming.

BitStarz Casino 700k Win

While the amount on this compares less to the previous win, it becomes more impressive to find out it was a cumulative of three wins. A player pulled off three big wins at BitStarz online casino in four days on a slot game called Gamble Licious Hold and Win. He started with a $223,786 win on the morning of the first day and a $231,855 win the following day. A final win of $239,809 came on the fourth day, 30th April, bringing the total to $690,000. There have been numerous reported wins at BitStarz Casinos recently.

Jalla Casino Win

Another player won a whopping 233,212,364 sum this year playing the Ancient Fortunes Poseidon WowPot Megaways slots game at Jalla Casino. The game is a Microgaming-powered progressive slot featuring the famous mechanic from Big Time Gaming. With as little as €0.10, you can spin a round on this slot and stand to win as much as 18,720 times your bet. The RTP on this game is 92.23%, so your chances of winning are very high.

BitStarz Casino 400k Win

BitStarz has paid out another massive amount this year alone. A lucky winner struck gold by hitting the 80,000 multiplier on a C$5 spin, amounting to a C$400,000 win. The 80,000 multiplier is the maximum you can trigger in the Piggy Bjorn 2 – Winter is Coming Slot game. This new game was released in December 2022, just months before the win. The game features elements of Viking pigs and Game of Thrones.

Absolutely Mad 6.75 Million Win

Mega Moolah is widely regarded as the best-paying slot of all time because it has given many players life-changing prizes over the last few years. This year’s first winner hit a grand prize of €6,753,702 in January, followed by a €10 million win in April and an €8 million win in June by two other players. Mega Moolah slots are widely played at casinos worldwide, leading to progressive growth in the network.

Tips to Win Big Online

Casino games are centred on randomness, so there is no fixed method to winning a game. However, there are some tips you should have if you want to win, too.

  • Choose High RTP Games: RTP (Return to player) is the percentage of the stakes returned to the players while the casino keeps the rest. For example, after a player stakes a total of $100,000 on a game with a 90% RTP, the casino is expected to still have $10,000 after paying winnings. You have a higher chance of winning if you play a game with a high RTP.
  • Make Use of Bonuses: Bonuses are another advantage computer games have over physical games. Bonuses in online gaming are free rounds or stakes you get when you meet specific requirements. You may have to sign up or withdraw with a code or coupon or play a certain amount of games to qualify for it. Depending on the casino policy, you will get to withdraw at least a fraction of your winnings, and you can stake more with it.
  • Test Games Before Playing: You may need to learn more about a game that piques your interest because there are a lot of games out there. Try to practice well enough on free game versions, or sign up for bonuses before you play with money. You have to understand the game well enough to make informed decisions. 
  • Improve Your Gambling Habits: There are practices you should avoid if you would love to keep playing games online. Funding and blowing your casino wallet continuously is easy if you do not exercise caution. Set a time or withdrawal limit before playing and reduce your stakes on hazardous games. Avoid alcohol and substances that can affect your decision-making, and do not gamble if you’re very emotional. Keep your cool regardless of how the game is going. 
  • Ignore Myths About Gambling: There are a lot of popular opinions out there that will lead you to keep gifting the casino. You know a casino randomly generates the results of a game, so there is no way to anticipate or control it. It would be best to take risks on your intuition in place of popular misconceptions. 

A bonus tip is don’t get involved with questionable gaming platforms online. You may get into illegal gambling or get an unpleasant experience if you play on the wrong site. Some platforms may rob you of winnings, so avoid these establishments. You should also approach gambling with a proper mindset. You should primarily view gambling as entertainment, not a means to make money. Thinking of your risks as a form of investment will only lead you to take drastic steps to recover from a losing streak. Remember to gamble with only what you can afford to lose.


Although gambling involves risk, these awesome cashouts remind you that you can win a prize, too. Don’t hesitate to relax with your favourite casino game if you’re lucky. It would help to stick to safe habits while gambling online so you don’t lose yourself. 

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