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Is IShowSpeed Gay? Find Out



IShowSpeed gay

There have been several questions about IShowSpeed sexuality and we will be answering one of the burning question that is sparking reactions among fans.

On a livestream on 12th September 2021, IShowSpeed said he is straight and not gay. “It was just a misunderstanding. Trust me, I’m straight.” He said.

The whole controversy started when IShowSpeed confirmed that he was gay on a stream in 2021.

Speed revealed that he was gay while he and musician Ava were discussing love. “G A Y,” Speed said emphatically. Speed later changed his mind about his confession.

He said he was angry when he came out on the Livestream and begged fans to forget about the confession. “I didn’t mean to say it,” Speed admitted.


The video got fans reacting.

“speed apologizing like he committed a hate crime”, One said.

Another said; “speed really needs to get professional help to control his anger, I really hope he gets better because he obviously isn’t at his best stage right now. LOVE YOU SPEED.”

A fan also said; “we will always support you for what you are bro, even if you’re, we’ll always support you, bro, if you’re happy, we’re happy”.

Another said; “I feel bad for him sometimes. He’s young and although I haven’t experienced it myself, I can imagine acquiring fame at a young age when you’re still developing can be tough on a kid. People are ruthless but I hope his chat can become a more positive space so that maybe a little bit of his stress can cool down and he wouldn’t always feel pressured to clear the air on things.”

Darren Watkins Jr., also known as IShowSpeed, Speed, or Speedy on YouTube, is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based American YouTuber. He is well-known for his live streams of gaming and entertainment.

As of 2022, He has over 10 million subscribers.

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