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Did Zendaya Just Got Beaten Up? Fight video goes viral



Zendaya fight
Photo: Zendaya/Instagram

There is a viral video of a lady who was involved in a hot fight. The lady who resembles Zendaya has got people reacting on Twitter.

“Some people deserve it tbh, also we don’t even know the backstory to this fight. Maybe it was zendaya or maybe it wasn’t. But I understand what you tryna say.” One said on Twitter.

“I seriously cannot believe someone actually attached Zendaya’s name to a ghetto ass fight. Respect her just a little”. Another said.

Someone asked where spiderman(Tom holland) was during the fight, “No way zendaya got inna fight. Where tf was spiderman”.

However, after closely looking at the video, The lady who got beaten up is not Zendaya. It’s her look-alike.

zendaya fighting

The video which was shared on Twitter has gotten over 1.8 million views.

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