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Hotels By Day Net Worth 2022 and Shark Tank



Hotels By Day

Hotels By Day is a business that allows travelers to book a hotel room during the day.

As of 2022, Hotels By Day’s Net Worth is $5 million. Continue reading below to learn more about the company.

Brian Dass and Yannis Moati founded the company in early 2015. They founded the company to allow hotels to sell unsold inventory to travelers who needed a room for a few hours to cool off.

The founders claim that customers can simply download the Hotels by Day app to their smartphone and book a hotel room for the morning, midday, or afternoon. Travelers can use a room for a short time without incurring any costs or committing to an overnight stay.

Travelers can also gain access to a hotel pool or spa for much less than the cost of an overnight stay. The service is aimed at business travelers who need to rest for a few hours after a long flight, as well as those who need a home base or a day trip.

Hotels By Day on Shark Tank

Brian and Yannis bid $750,000 for a 10% stake in Hotels by Day. They begin by explaining the business, and Mark thinks they sound like a sketch from Saturday Night Live. Robert immediately begins crunching the numbers, and they inform him that a six-hour “day stay” costs $90. Kevin is curious as to why other hotel booking sites do not include this as an optional feature. Yannis claims that the technology does not currently exist.

The Sharks are confused as Yannis and Brian explain their channel management system. Chris is curious about how their technology works in comparison to existing technology. Yannis and Brian’s responses perplex and frustrate him.

According to Sharktankblog, the company has completed 6500 bookings for a total of $127,000 in revenue. Yannis acknowledges that it is low, but sees it as a good starting point. Chris is still perplexed. Yannis explains that they are not competing with hotels, but rather with the booking software that is currently available.

Chris leaves because he believes they did a poor job of explaining themselves. Mark is also out because he believes their numbers are too small. Robert likes the concept, but believes that the big hotel chains will duplicate what they do, so he’s out. Lri is leaving because she believes there are too many missing pieces. Kevin believes they have made it impossible to invest; he is the last Shark standing.

So no deal.

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