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14 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day As A Single Person



There’s nothing bad in been single. Follow this ways to enjoy Valentine day as a single person.

1. Spoil yourself: Make Valentine’s Day a day to spoil yourself. Buy yourself chocolate, order pizza, eat ice cream, and rent your favorite movie. Just relax and be happy.

2. Celebrate Yourself: Go to the clubs, a concert, do something spontaneous with your single friends. Have a Singles Party where everyone can cheer and enjoy their singlehood.

3. Buy yourself a gift.

That purse that you like, or those shoes that you had your eyes on, go and buy it. Now is the time to purchase the book you saved on your Amazon account, or the video game you dream of playing. You’re going to be so busy getting excited about your latest purchase that you won’t even remember all the madness of Valentine’s Day. You’ve got to celebrate something and look forward to it as well.

4. Get a new make-over.

Adjust the color of your hair and get a new haircut. Have your nails trimmed. Just go to the spa. Have yourself pampered. Making yourself happier on your own. Go to the fitness center and run an extra mile. Read your favorite books, or launch the project you’ve been setting aside for home. Anything that makes you feel rejuvenated, go for it.

5. Re-evaluate your goals:

Remind yourself that you’re single anyway. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life or crumble under pressure. That’s your option if you’re not ready for a relationship. You shouldn’t have to justify to yourself why you had a bad break up recently or two years ago or whether dating isn’t really your thing. Nowadays, arguably, being in a relationship is more important than actually wanting to be in one. As soon as one relationship ends, beginning another is always the catalyst. It seems that people can not bear just being single or alone for one minute. Living in fear of loneliness is not healthy, and using relationships to get rid of loneliness will only leave a person even more alone than they previously were. Before settling down, there is so much discovery a person should do. Why do you just tie yourself down to the rules of society? Dream of your successes and where you always have to go. It is time and effort to be in a relationship, and you should be able to appreciate it when you are prepared for it, not when anyone tells you.

6. The weather:

For those that live in the northern states or even western states, any state that has snow pouring every minute, most likely people will be staying home. I can see from my window it looks like I am in a snow globe because, this winter has been unreal. There is already 3 ft to 4ft snow on the ground from previous snowfalls from the past weeks. At the moment, we’re bracing for another big one. Any plans anyone had are most likely cancelled.

7. It is a day of love:

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples to share their love; it’s for everyone to share love. You can spend time with your best friend, and show how much you love him or her. You can have Valentine’s Day with your mother or father or even your grandparents. Have Valentine’s Day with your pets. It is a day to express love after all. Love is beautiful and it will make your day and life so much more to show your love for someone.

8. Help those in need:

Another way to show your love is helping those in need. Maybe you can donate your old clothes to a homeless shelter. Volunteer at a hospital. Send valentines cards to a local children’s hospital or decorate cards with the children there. Volunteer at a senior home and create a change in someone’s life just by being a friend a companion. Adopt a cat or a dog. It just might change your life and you will find more meaning and value of yourself. Life is more worthwhile when you are able to make a difference in someone else’s life just by simply being in their life.

9. Try something new:

Do something that you have never done before. Of course, hopefully this is legal and not dangerous. But try something new. Maybe go for Indian food for a change, or that Korean takeout place you’ve been meaning to try. You could take a cooking class. Try ice skating especially in this weather is a perfect time to learn. You can learn to sew or try a new sport. Try a new color of lipstick for a change. Do something that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe try to eat a healthy meal. If you have not exercised in awhile maybe today you can change that. If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner artiste, now could be the time to set up that easel. The options are endless.

This are some additional tips to follow:

10. Buy yourself chocolate.
Why should an awesome single person like yourself go the day without chocolate? All the couples are eating it, so why can’t you? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy it! Chocolate is always there for you; you can’t say the same thing about a significant other. So go ahead, treat yourself to that Godiva. You don’t need anyone to buy it for you.

11. Invite your single friends over.
Since you don’t have a significant other to spend the day with, invite all your single friends over! They’re all feeling the same way as you are, so why not celebrate the day together? Don’t waste the day moping around because you’re single when you can have an amazing day with your friends. Settle in with some wine and watch a chick flick or crack open a beer and play video games, as long as you’re having fun with your friends, you don’t need to worry about a relationship.

12. Spend the day doing what you love the most.
Valentine’s Day is about love, right? You don’t need someone to love, so spend the day doing what you love to do. Cook, draw, write, exercise, call your parents, anything! You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to experience love.

13. Go out.
If there’s one happening near you, go out to a singles mixer. Odds are a popular club or bar is having a singles night, so why not go and have fun? You can still get dressed up and go out, plus you’ll be having a good time while meeting new people!

14. Don’t forget to love yourself.
Valentine’s Day can make a lot of single people unhappy. I get it, it’s nice to have somebody there to love you. But the most important thing to know is to love yourself. A boyfriend or girlfriend won’t always be there, but you have yourself for the rest of your life! Don’t forget to treat yourself right.

Always remind yourself that you’re an amazing person, and in the words of Snow White, some day your prince/ss will come.

Victor writes about celebrities, culture, movies, and hip-hop music at Gistvic.


Couple breakup on Roller-Coaster: Real or Fake?



Can we call this the funniest breakup ever? See the moment a Couple ended their relationship on a Roller Coaster.

A guy broke up with his girlfriend on a roller coaster in a viral video. Everything went sideways for the pair as they tried to enjoy themselves on the amusement ride.

The guy could be heard saying from the beginning of the ride. “I don’t want to do this.” His girlfriend, who was excited about the adventure, tried to console him, but she had no idea a split was on the way.

In the middle of the Roller-Coaster ride, the guy said he was tired of the relationship and wanted a breakup — His partner was surprised.

The guy stated that he wants to end the relationship because the lady forces him to do things he does not want to do. “We’re not very good,” he said. The lady said she couldn’t believe he had broken up with her on the journey.

The duo endures an uncomfortable quiet for the remainder of the journey before the ride came to a halt.

The video has amassed over 6 million views on youtube.

Real or Fake?

Moses Storm and Kantu Lentz

There have been speculations saying the video is fake, while some feel it’s real.

“Not only is this video (clearly) fake and put together by a aspiring youtube star/comedian” One said. “The most obvious clue to telling that this is fake, is the fact they’re riding on Goliath at SFMM… There is no way anybody in the world could be remotely that scared on that snooze-fest!” Another said. One added: “I don’t care if it’s fake, I giggled.”

According to Freethebid, Kant Lentz is a Peruvian filmmaker who specializes in creating love stories that take place in alternate realities with magic realism elements.

The viral video was directed by Kantú in 2015 and was titled, “Rollercoaster Break-up”.

Moses Jacob Storm on the other hand is an American writer, actor, and comedian. Storm has played a variety of characters in television shows such as The 4 to 9ers and Another Period, among others. He also appeared in the Comedy Central Originals one-off special Ice To Iceland.

We can finally state that the video is fake, not real. It was perfectly acted

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