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How To Prepare Peppered Sauce And Boli

Nigerian pepper sauce is an incredibly versatile  sauce made with Sweet Bell Peppers. It can be paired with numerous dishes like boiled rice, boiled or fried yam and boli, potatoes and even bread. Boli( roasted plantain) is one of Nigeria’s favourite ‘road side’ snacks, which also goes well with peppered sauce. Here is how you can make it in the comfort of your kitchen. Ingredients For Roasted Plantain And Pepper Sauce Ripe / unripe plantain: as much as you eat! Fish:preferably Mackerel Palm oil Onions Habanero pepper or any fresh chilli pepper Salt to taste Roasting Directions When the barbecue is heated,place the peeled plantains and fish on the barbecue grids to start roasting. remember to turn the sides from time to time for an even roast. When...