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PSECU Login | Online Banking Login Guide



For some, logging onto PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Unit) is difficult, but for others, it is simple. The main advantage is that you no longer need to visit a PSECU branch or office near you to keep track of your transactions because they are now available to members on any device (computer, mobile phone, Ipad, laptop, etc.) at any time, and they can access information about their PSECU account from anywhere in the world with internet access.

So, in this article, we’ll walk you through the entire PSECU login process, step by step, so you can save time and energy. Along with the login procedure, we’ll go through how to create accounts, why you need them, and how to use phone banking, among other things.

Why Do You Need To Create An Online PSECU Account?

Using the PSECU official website or its Android or IOS mobile application to create and log into an online PSECU account allows PSECU members to receive real-time updated information on their respective accounts at the tip of their fingers whenever and wherever they are.

They no longer need to visit a PSECU branch or office near them to keep track of their transactions because they are now available to members on any device (computer, mobile phone, Ipad, laptop, etc.) at any time, and they can access information about their PSECU account from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Members can not only view information about their accounts, but also conduct transactions from wherever they are, eliminating the need to travel to the local PSECU branch. If a problem arises, members can contact PSECU’s help desk or customer service without delay to discuss the problem with a customer service representative and find a suitable solution.

In brief, members benefit from creating, logging in, and using an online PSECU account because it allows them to get their work done fast while avoiding any unnecessary waste of their time and energy.

Step By Step Guide To Create & Login Into Your PSECU Account Via PSECU’s Official Website

  • Open the browser of your choice
  • Enter in the search box of your browser or simply click on the link provided here.
  • Once you have reached the user interface of the website.
  • Click on the create/open a new account option if you don’t already have one fill in the necessary information and get started.
  • If you already have an existing account simply enter your user name or user ID and the password correctly in the respective boxes.
  • Once you have entered your necessary information correctly you will be able to see and access all the details of your account.

Create & login To Your PSECU Account Using Mobile Application

The PSECU mobile app is available for download from the app store or the Google Play store. This application can be used to create or open a new PSECU account for members who do not already have one, and members who already have an account can simply fill in the relevant information and manage their account from their mobile phones.

The following are the actions that members must do.

  • Open the App Store or Google play store available on your mobile phone.
  • Enter PSECU mobile application in the search bar of the App Store or Play store.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Give access to the permissions listed.
  • Once the mobile application has downloaded and installed.
  • Open the PSECU mobile application on your mobile phone.
  • New members will have to Open/Create a new account for this they will have to fill in the required information to get started.
  • The members who already have an existing account simply have to enter their correct user name, user id, and password to get access to and manage their PSECU account using the mobile phone.

Login To Your PSECU Account Using An Apple Device

Members can now get started by downloading the PSECU IOS app from the Apple store on their Apple device, creating a new account or logging into their existing account.

Follow the steps:

  • Open the Apple store on the Apple device of your choice.
  • Enter PSECU mobile application this will help you to download your IOS app.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Grant access to the permissions listed.
  • Once downloaded and installed the application is ready to use.
  • If members don’t already have an account they will have to open/create a new one to do the same they will have to fill in the required information correctly.
  • The members having an existing account must enter their user name, user ID and password correctly to get started.
  • Once these steps are followed through you can manage your PSECU account from your Apple device using the IOS application.

What Is PSECU?

The Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Unit, or PSECU, is a non-profit banking institution. Its headquarters are located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. PSECU was formed in 1933 by H.Andrew Hanemann during the Great Depression, with just 22 employees at the time. PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Unit) is a credit union established by the state of Pennsylvania.

Residents of the state believe PSECU to be a reliable credit union because it has been in operation for many years. Despite the fact that PSECU is a long-standing institution, it has successfully adapted to the present digitally driven world of its tech-savvy consumers.

Their online banking and mobile payment programs are thought to be cutting-edge, adaptable, and user-friendly. PSECU has a long history of helping a diverse range of businesses and is still a favored credit union for many businessmen and women.

PSECU membership is open to any firm that operates inside the state of Pennsylvania’s borders. It’s also worth noting that PSECU (Pennsylvania Employee Credit Unit) is Pennsylvania’s largest credit union.

About PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Unit)

PSECU’s ideology is based on the idea of “people helping people.” They don’t just provide services and products; they also support and assist individuals, families, and companies around the state.

Values– The PSECU as an institution wants its members to see them as trustworthy partners that can assist them meet their financial goals.

It should also be emphasized that the PSECU places a great importance on ethics, and they believe in conducting all of their transactions and commercial activities in an ethical manner, without engaging in any unethical behavior that could jeopardize their long-established credibility.

Mission– ’To safely and securely provides the best value to our members throughout their living lives’.

Vision-’Our members will recognize us as their trusted financial partners’.

Services Offered– The following are some of the services offered by PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employee Credit Unit):

  1. Checking Accounts.
  2. Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  3. Auto Loans.
  4. Personal Loans.
  5. Classic Card.
  6. Net Banking.
  7. Digital Banking etc.


Online banking is the best decision one can make for themselves because it is user-friendly, convenient, and simple to use, as well as saving time and energy.

The member has the right to know the information of their account, which is readily accomplished through internet banking, which allows the member to have round-the-clock access to their accounts and manage them conveniently and without fuss from any location of their choosing.

The procedure for logging into PSECU and creating a new account is quite simple and straightforward; members simply need to follow the step-by-step guidelines outlined above to get started.

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