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Parlevel texas charge on credit card and bank statement: What we know

What we know about the Parlevel texas charge on your credit card and bank statement.



Parlevel systems

Lots of people have reported getting the Parlevel texas charge on credit card and bank statements and it seems suspicious.

We will be writing a short review about the charge. Continue reading below to learn more.

Parlevel Systems

Parlevel is a legit company. According to its website, ParLevel sells a variety of software and hardware tools for automatic kiosks, vending machines, and other elements of the “unattended retail industry.”

The company is located in San Antonio, Texas.

ParLevel Systems was founded 10 years ago by two recent college graduates with a rent-free office at Geekdom. According to a ParLevel investor, it was sold last year to 365 Retail Markets in a deal worth tens of millions of dollars.

Why you are seeing the Parlevel texas charge on your credit card or bank statement

You are seeing the ‘Parlevel Texas Hunt Valley MD’ charge because you either purchased a system from Parlevel and had to pay a fee or most likely you bought a snack or soda using a vending machine.

Vending machine

What to do

If you didn’t use any vending machine recently and you don’t recognize or didn’t authorize the charge you should take action right away. You can begin by contacting the Parlevel Systems team to inquire about the charge and, if necessary, request that it be removed or refunded.

Also, If you think the charge is fraudulent, you can also dispute it or file a complaint with your bank or credit card company.

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