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How To Cancel Hustlers University (Steps)



Cancel Hustlers University

Are you looking for ways to cancel the Hustlers University 2.0? Read more below and follow the steps to stop your subscription.


Well, you might have tried the Hustlers University 2.0 program but you were not impressed by the course. There are two you can cancel your Subscription, See them below.

1. Launchpass Method

The first method to cancel your Hustlers University 2.0 subscription is by using the launchpass method.

What you have to do is to message the Launchpass bot inside discord, with the command: Cancel and your subscription will be terminated.

2. Contact Admin

The second method is to contact the admin.


You will contact the administrative team and inform them of your decision to cancel. They will cancel your subscription within 24 hours, but you will still be able to use the service until the end of the month for which you paid.

For example, if you paid $50 to join on May 1st and then canceled on May 2nd, your account would be deactivated on May 31st.

Alternatively, you might pay to join on May 1st, cancel on May 31st, and be removed on May 31st.

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