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Cobra Drinks Water From Glass Cup (Video)



A thirsty cobra was videoed drinking water from a glass cup in a viral video.

The video which was shared on Reddit has piled up reactions. “Was the person filming this video aware that it is possible to tape a glass onto the end of a 10-foot pole?” One said. Another said: “The snake should have pranked the person by spitting water out into their eyes. “Haha, just kidding. Man, you should see yourself, you look so scared right now!”

Another said: “Now that he’s hydrated, he moved onto lunch in the last few seconds of the video.”

This isn’t the first time a video of a snake drinking water from a bottle or cup has surfaced.

A thirsty king cobra found its way to Kaiga village in Karnataka in 2017, where a wildlife rescue worker offered it some water, which it quickly lapped up.

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