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Lynx Owl real or fake?




The lynx owl picture that is going viral is fake, not real.

There is a viral picture of an owl going around Facebook and Twitter.

The image of the bird looked really lovely but was unbelievable, so we did some digging.

Is the Golden Lynx owl real or fake?

Sorry to break it to you. The Lynx owl is fake.

The picture was created by Dreamers Zen. He called it Lynx Owl Griffon.

Lynx owl

Dreamers Zen is a digital creator who creates original AI artwork for hooded blankets and more.

Social Media Reactions

There have been several reactions to the viral image.

“Looks like a creature that should feature in Harry Potter”, One said.

Another said; “I love owls but have never seen such a handsome one. WOW”.

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