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Peacemaker: Who Are The ’11th Street Kids’?



Peacemaker 11th Street Kids

We have a new group called the “11th Street Kids” in the new episode of Peacemaker. Who are they? Let’s take a short ride together.

Who is Hanoi Rocks?

Hanoi Rocks were a rock band from Finland that established in 1979.

They were the first Finnish band to chart in the United Kingdom, and their music was also well-received in Japan. After drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley died in a drunk driving accident with Vince Neil behind the wheel during their first US tour in December 1984, the band disbanded in June 1985.

Although musically closer to conventional rock n’ roll and punk, the band has been regarded as a key influence on bands like Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, and Poison in the glam metal genre.

In the 2022 TV series, the fictional character Peacemaker refers to Hanoi Rocks as “just the finest band ever.” The songs “11th Street Kids” and “Fallen Star” by Hanoi Rocks are also featured in the same episode.

vigilante with chainsaw

Peacemaker S01E05 – Monkey Dory

In the new episode, Auggie convinces Song and Fitzgibbon of his innocence and blames the crime on Smith, prompting Song to begin her own inquiry. Murn gives the team an overview on the Butterflies, explaining that the insects appear to be monophagous, feeding solely on the amber liquid they discovered. While he enlists the services of an associate, Caspar Locke, to handle Auggie’s issue, he sends them to examine a nearby bottling factory suspected of being a location where the liquid is processed and bottled. When Smith and his team arrive to the plant, they learn that all of the workers are Butterflies, including a gorilla named Charlie.

The team murders the employees, but they are outmanned by Charlie, who is killed with a chainsaw by Economos, earning Smith’s admiration. On the journey back, the team bonds with one another. Meanwhile, Locke hinders Song’s inquiry by becoming the new police captain and dismissing Auggie’s appeal, leading Song to seek the assistance of her uncle, a judge. Smith invites Adebayo to drink at his house and advises him to be more kind to others. Following that, Adebayo, under Waller’s orders, sets a false diary in Smith’s home. She returns to the office, where she uses Smith’s X-ray vision helmet to reveal Murn’s actual character. Adebayo tries to flee but is apprehended by Murn.

Who Are The 11th Street Kids?

After the mission at the Glan Tai plant, Harcourt created a group named, “11th street kids”. He added peacemaker, Vigilante, and Economos.

Their love for the music seemed to have grown.

See the lyrics of the “11th Street Kids” song below:

Well accidents, happen about everyday
And that day was special followed by a heat wave
Rush hour just began, and I ran for my life
I can't afford to miss the bus
Or I'll go and miss all the fuss
Cos this time it's a must
I'm gonna meet the boys, and Suzy
I just can't miss her tonight
And I'm so hot - Gee! I'm so hot
Well is she tight
Is she in need of a lover like me?
And there she is now!
I gotta go - and give her a great big kiss
And now that I'm in her, I don't wanna lose her
These moments are takin' me to heaven
But they don't seem to take her, anywhere at all
I wonder what went wrong
Please, tell me what went wrong!
Remember all them nights we wroted on the walls that "Punks never die!"
Hot love in the nights, the days we spent underground
Well accidents happen about everyday
And that day was special, 'cos Peter was taken a way, and Suzy,
She moved to another town
So here I'm all alone in the summer heat
Looking at this empty street
All there's left is writing on the walls
I wonder where all 11th street kids are today
Where have they all gone?

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