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The Smart Practices To Increase Motivation Among Employees




Today, much attention in the theory and practice of human resource management is paid to ways to motivate employees and increase productivity. To effectively manage employees without conflicts and problems, you need to know what motivation is and all its main methods. Motivation is one of the primary functions of management, and the art of motivating human resources is significant for managers and leaders.

The era of high technology has turned every area of life into a storehouse of tools to facilitate different tasks, including the search for methods to motivate staff. At the same time, a diversity of applications will perform functions such as faxing, processing, or storing valuable materials to speed up the workflow.

Table of Contents

Background and Open Opportunities

One of the characteristics of the modern age is the relentless progress and almost instantaneous search for all the difficulties on the way to achieving the set goals. Priority options such as faxing and file editing have been modified to offer a range of new services. Now, using this or that app, you will quickly cope with any task.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all areas of life. The world has gone through stages of isolation, quarantine, mask regime, and much more. Maybe some habits and changes will stay with us forever.

The transition of many companies to a remote mode is an effective method to reduce the risk of employees contracting an infection. At first (several months), the employer, manager, and owner may feel that the remote team-working is working as efficiently as before. The experience of IT companies shows that in the first months of remote work, even an increase in the efficiency and dedication of employees can be observed (the effect of novelty, a change in the working environment, and irregularity of time).

The absence of the need to maintain an office, pay for electricity, support staff, transportation costs for employees, etc., can create the illusion of the effectiveness of remote work, and the manager will begin to seriously think about how to keep this mode of work permanently. Among the risks of maintaining a remote work mode for the efficiency of the company are the following:

  • decrease in motivation and involvement of personnel in the medium and long term;
  • loss of synergy effect from the work of the team;
  • reduction of opportunities for non-material motivation of employees;
  • decrease in loyalty to the company as an employer;
  • lack of personal contact between colleagues;
  • and so on.

Working remotely, an employee gradually ceases to associate himself with a particular company, division, or team. Previously, coming to the office every day, the employee saw the building of the company, elements of corporate identity, and brand. Communication with colleagues took place both on work issues and informally.

However, along with the risks involved, it has become possible to use many previously unseen features. After receiving your request to send a fax app will offer a diversity of ideas. No matter where you are, fax from iPhone or any other device. Online is a real opportunity!

Motivation is the process of encouraging oneself and others to act to achieve personal and organizational goals. These are ways to create a desire in the employees to work better and give their best. The most important mechanism of motivation is management methods.

A Diversity of Ideas to Motivate Employees

In the context of reduced opportunities for non-material incentives and the potential need to maintain a remote form of work, companies need to develop and implement new effective measures to stimulate the motivation and involvement of employees, adapted to the prevailing circumstances.

Educational online seminars. Knowledge workers are interested in continuous development and self-improvement. Since, in a pandemic, attending events in person is impractical, the role of online seminars, courses, and training is increasing. Significantly, the emphasis of the employer is not just on paying for a seminar that the employee likes, but on organizing a unique event specifically for their employees. The quality of the event must be higher than the standard offered in the public domain on the market. It is necessary to attract the best teachers, and coaches, organize a positive informational background, fax files, and accompany the event with references to the company as a uniting value of the participants of the event.

Organization of leisure and informal pastime. The company should contribute to the preservation and maintenance of informal ties in the team. Holiday greetings, competitions, games, and other forms of interaction must be supported and initiated by the company’s HR department. This direction will be developed through the parallel development of online applications and startups. One example that has already emerged during the coronavirus pandemic is online bars, in which a person while sitting at home, is immersed in the atmosphere of a bar. Through the app or platform, you can organize meetings with friends and colleagues.Live communication. In the era of social networks and instant messengers, it is often easier for people to write a message and fax files. However, it is significant to pay attention to the personal verbal communication of the leader and subordinates. It seems appropriate to establish a certain frequency of communication, during which it is necessary to discuss not only the main working issues but also to talk informally and assess the emotional state of the employee, his problematic issues, and internal moods.

Concluding Thoughts

The triumph of the era of high technology and the coronavirus pandemic have transferred many tasks to virtual space. One example of the latter is the search for ideas to motivate employees. Today it is possible to download any app and open access to many new options.

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