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What’s The ‘Boosie Fade Haircut’ and How To Get One



Boosie Fade Haircut

The Boosie Fade Haircut is becoming one of the most popular haircuts. We are going to tell you more about the origin.

Let’s Go.

The Boosie Fade which was originated by Boosie Badazz, transitions from bald at the bottom of the head to a semi-long length of hair at the front and top of the head.

In 2018, During an interview Boosie talked about his plans to get the “The Boosie Fade” trademarked within the Federal Courts. ignature haircut. 

Boosie informed Harper(BET) that he is actively pursuing exclusive naming rights with the help of his lawyers.

He was fed up with “Hollywood types” cashing in on the haircut when it appears in movies and television shows.

Do you planning on get one? Watch the short tutorial video on the Boosie Fade haircut below.

How To To Barb Your Hair By Yourself

Barbing is one of the various jobs that any unemployed person can pursue, but learning the skill is the challenge.

Learning the fundamentals of how a clipper works is the first step towards becoming a barber. Lets dig dipper into the parts of a clipper and it’s uses.

The Blade Adjustment

The clipper’s blade is divided into two parts; the top component is static, while the lower piece below oscillates to produce the cutting effect.

However, the upper static blade has a mechanism for adjustment that is often found on the side of the clipper. Any push or pull on this mechanism will cause the upper static blade to move either within or outside the clipper’s body.

Steps Combs

The step combs, which are sets of different ranges of steps that are often fixed at the static blade of the clipper, are typically included with the clipper when it is purchased. This step comb’s purpose is to minimize the amount of hair damage caused by the haircut. The clipper’s depth of cut will depend on the chosen range.

As a result, it is possible to create a haircut with a “low cut style” by adjusting the static blade to emerge from the smaller blade. This implies that the hair will be cut at a distance of around 0.5 mm from the skin.

This same adjustment is utilized for carving hair. Step combs are mostly used for afro haircuts since they reduce the depth of the cut.

Speed Adjustment

Another crucial skill to master is how to regulate the clipper’s speed. This is because some models of clippers do not run at high speed for very long, and if these instructions are disregarded, the coil of the clipper could burn.

On the right side of the clipper, there is a slot for the key adjustment that often comes with the clipper, and this is where the speed adjustment may be found.

To change the speed, move the dial either clockwise for an increase in speed or anticlockwise for a decrease in speed.

Barbing should be done at a pace that produces low to average noise and causes the smaller blade to oscillate more frequently.

Boosie Fade Haircut
Boosie and his sons on the “Boosie fade haircut”

Angle Of Cuts

The next skill to master is how to hold the clipper during cutting so as not to accidentally cut yourself or someone else.

The optimal angle to cut at for low cuts is 30 degrees. To guarantee a nice cut, make sure the angle the clipper creates with the hair during cutting does not exceed 45 degrees, which is half of a 90 degree angle.

While for afro cuts, it could be necessary to angle the clipper at a 45-degree angle. The angle of cut is very important, the improper angle of cut can cause damage.

Hair Carving

Carving is the act of creating sharp edges of the haircut around the hair.

One approach to guarantee a proper carving of hair after the entire hair cut is to bring the two blades in the clipper so near that neither is higher than the other.

The clipper is then positioned at roughly 45 degrees to provide give sharp cutting at the front and rear of the hair.

Also, Watch Boosie talking about the ‘Boosie Fade Haircut’ below. He said, “it’s a must” that his sons have the haircut.

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