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Fat Trel released from prison after 5 years



Fat Trel released prison

Martrel Reeves popularly known as Fat Trel has been released from prison.

On July 8, 2018, Fat Trel was arrested for possessing a handgun and ammunition. Cops pulled the rapper down for traffic offenses at the time and discovered he didn’t have any identification or his driver’s license, which had previously been suspended.

Reeves, who smelled like he’d been drinking and smoking marijuana, was ordered to step aside as authorities searched his vehicle and discovered a.40-caliber revolver loaded with 10 rounds of ammo.

The pistol is also known as a “ghost gun,” as it was designed to be used as a weapon. According to, these pistols often lack serial numbers, making them harder to track down.

Last year, the rapper pled guilty to illegally possessing a ghost gun and faced a potential sentence of ten years in prison.

Judge Paula Xinis of the United States District Court said last month that he would only be sentenced to two years and six months in federal prison and three years of supervised release.

He is currently signed to DTLA Records with distribution via BERYL MEDIA and was signed by Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records.

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