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Who is Goonew DMV Rapper? Goonwick rapper Dead



Goonew DMV Rapper goonwick

DMV rapper Goonew also known as Big 64 and Goon Rich was shot dead on Friday. Check out more details of the Goonwick rapper.

After getting shot at Walter’s Lane in District Heights, Maryland, the hip-hop musician was taken to the hospital.

The deadly shooting is still being investigated by law authorities. Fans of the artist expressed their disbelief on social media.

In 2017, the artist began releasing songs, and his debut album, Big 64, was published in 2018.

Big 64.2 has been Goonew’s most ambitious effort to date. His opening single, Existence Story, provided a candid peek into his life, and his music frequently chronicled real-life occurrences.

The musician has numerous hit songs that were popular with fans, including No Diss, Stain, Touchdown, and Down Bad.

The Maryland native was most recognized for his unorthodox dark music, which was thought to represent the “new wave” of rap at the time.

Goonwick rapper
Goonwick rapper

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