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Who is ‘Grand M’ Officiel Wife or Girlfriend? Meet the Comedian



Grand M Officiel

Mohamed Nantoume popularly known as Grand M Officiel is an African comedian and musician born in Mali.

Nothing much is known about the comedian, so we will be brief.

He went famous after a buddy shared a video of him laughing, with a laugh so contagious that it was quickly copied in hundreds of memes and humorous videos.

Grand M. entered the humour scene as an antidote to the bullying he faced as a result of his illness. This, combined with his wit, helped him channel his skill, and he is now something of a social media celebrity.

Grand M, the comedian, has dwarfism, which makes him appear smaller than individuals his age.

He has 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Grand M Officiel Girlfriend

  • Unknown at this time.

The Malian comedian keeps a low profile. He hasn’t confirmed whether or whether he is dating anyone. On social media, the musician keeps his personal life private. 

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