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Is ‘Queen of Brooklyn’ Nenobia Dead?



Queen of Brooklyn Nenobia

There are rumors that Nenobia popularly known as The Queen of Brooklyn or “Bktidalwave” has passed away.

Dupree Frederick, one of Nenobia’s family confirmed the news on Facebook. “This is A Sad Sad Day I can’t believe I’m writing R.I.P to My fam/ Lil Cuzzin/Lil sis Zenobia” He wrote. “R.I.P You Will be Truly missed May God bless your soul”.

However, The story has gone viral on Twitter, with several reactions from followers.

“I m in shock after finding the queen of Brooklyn left all of us. Nenobia, bought smiles to every face who knew her. She always said the truth and in the worst time of the world, she made all of us laugh with her jokes. She was a legend. RIP QUEEN!” One said.

Another said: “Oh my god! No! I did not want to wake up and see this. RIP Queen – the laughs you gave us on this app”.

A lady said, “no fr we need to declare a national day of mourning or something like the cultural impact she had was insane… RIP QUEEN“.

The cause of her death is unclear at this time.

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