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Kid Trunks Shot In Face During an Attack



Kid Trunks Shot

Rapper Kid Trunks was shot in the face during an attack. He reveals on Instagram.

“Pray for me family. Almost died 2 times and it’s only been 3 months of 2022” He wrote.

“smh first this cancer Shit and now this bullshit… put the guns down man this shit is real out here.”

This is coming a few months after the rapper revealed he was diagnosed with cancer and covid.

“I’ll keep it short I really don’t gotta explain nothing to do nobody but I will!” he said. “I caught Covid 19 & while in the process of them checking my body out they found I had pneumonia cancer aka chest cancer.”

He also put to halt several rumors of his death which filled up social media.

“Y’all, I just woke up to this shit,” he explained in an IG video. “I am not dead. My account got hacked, posted on, then deleted on. Probably a near-death experience, but nowhere near close to death.”

Watch Kid Trunks IDKWGO video below.

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