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Was Matthew McConaughey & Harry Styles Golfing Together?



harry styles and matthew mcconaughey

There have been speculations that Matthew McConaughey and Harry Styles went golfing together. How true is this?

A picture that was shared by HL Daily has piled up several reactions on Twitter. “MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY IS REALLY TRENDING FOR GOING GOLFING WITH HARRY,” One said.

Another said: “imagine going to class at ut Austin and your professor Matthew McConaughey told you he went golfing with harry styles”.

A lady wrote: “Matthew McConaughey was golfing with harry styles … I’m screaming”.

Were they really Golfing together?

Tikoker Koyaskeeper claimed one of her ex’s friends went to a golf course where he played 9 rounds with Matthew McConaughey and Harry Styles’ on the field without him knowing.

Koyaskeeper said her ex-friend didn’t know it was Harry until he introduced himself.

With no picture prove of Matthew McConaughey and Harry Styles together, people find it unbelievable.

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