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Shoji Meguro leaves Atlus, Follows Indie game writing dream



Shoji Meguro leaves atlus

Shoji Meguro has left the Atlus team. The company announced.

He will be working independently as a freelancer. “We are continuing to develop new titles with Mr. Meguro after independence. We will support Mr. Meguro’s new challenge to expand his field of activity in the future.” The company added.

Meguro joined Atlus in 1995 and has worked on a number of titles, most notably the Persona series. He also worked on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and Persona 2 PSP remakes as a creative director.

Shoji Meguro becomes an Indie game writer

Meguro said he is leaving Atlas Co., Ltd to become an indie game writer.

“I will be an indie game writer! So I decided to leave Atlas Co., Ltd. and go on to become an indie game writer!” He wrote on Twitter.

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