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Vladislav Smolyanskyy Net Worth 2022



Vladislav Smolyanskyy

Vladislav Smolyanskyy is the CEO of PinBlock.

PinBlock offers a new approach to play with block toys. Their website claims that their blocks redefine construction by giving every block an identical shape and including pivot points.

Single colors (100 pieces), starting packs (400 pieces), jet sets (900 pieces), and freestyles are the four sets available in PinBlock (1,000 pieces). According to their website, PinBlock enables creatives to build 3D models, produce pixel art, and develop wearables. Their website offers tutorials to get the most enjoyment out of the enjoyable block toys.

Who is Vladislav Smolyanskyy?

Vladislav Smolyanskyy founded Pinblock in 2014.

He was committed to inspiring young people’s imaginations in order to change the course of the world. He developed a greater interest in the business after emigrating to the United States from Ukraine.

Vladislav and ShiJun, a childhood friend, created Pinblock, and the two collaborated to build the business from the bottom up before incorporating it into the state of New York. On the other hand, there were many challenges to face.

Mr. Vladislav claims that Pinblock was his way of showing his early ingenuity. The purpose of Pinblock is to improve the enjoyment of both learning and playing.

Because of the early death of his father and the need to please his widowed mother, he is also motivated to succeed.

Nothing much is known about Smolyanskyy but he sure has a girlfriend, her name is currently unknown.

As of 2022, Vladislav Smolyanskyy Net Worth is $5 million.

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