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Who are JaBria McCullum Parents?



JaBria McCullum

Let’s get to know about JaBria McCullum mom and father. We promise to be brief as possible.

Who is JaBria McCullum?

JaBria became famous after appearing in a TikTok video alongside her godbrother, LaRon Hines.

They’ve collaborated on a lot of “Are You Smarter Than A?” videos with a similar premise. When Hines asks if she’s intelligent, she responds with a gleeful “Yes!” Then he poses a query or makes a request to her.

In their first video, he asked her how to spell “cat,” and in another, he inquired if she had received a stimulus check. She shook her head nay and murmured, “Mm mm.” “Because I don’t have any bills,” she says. The latter video has been seen over 13 million times.

In just seven months, JaBria has garnered 70,000 Instagram followers, an achievement that some people five times her age struggle to achieve. Despite her celebrity, she is still a regular little girl.

JaBria currently has 114k followers on IG.

Who is JaBria McCullum Parents?

The name of JaBria mother is Jaricka Hooker, the father is unknown.

She is known as hooker_girl on Instagram. She has 3k followers.

JaBria McCullum On Tabitha Brown ‘Tab Time’

JaBria was featured on Tabitha Brown’s trailer for her YouTube show ‘Tab Time’.

Tabitha Brown, an actor, vegan gourmand, and mother who has become one of the most recognizable social media figures today, starring in TAB TIME, a series for all kids aimed at preschoolers ages 3 to 5 and their parents. Tabitha, dubbed “Ms. Tab” by the students, pulls into her inner strength.

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