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Who is Bridget Bema: Video of Kenyan girl trends on Twitter



A video of a Kenyan girl Bridget Bema is trending on social media after she was called out for multiple offences in her school.

Who Is Bridget Bema

Bridget Bema is a comedian and the younger sister to veteran Churchill Show comedian YY whose real name is Oliver Otien.
Kenyan comedian, Bridget Bema

The video of the Kenyan child comedian caught different reactions on social media after she was called out severally and told to kneel down for wrong doings during the school’s assembly.

The teacher who was calling out the names was in shock after he called Bridget Bema in every punishable act in school.

Bridget Bema and brother Comedian YY

The 9-year-old comedian Bridget Bema was born on November 10, 2011.

See Few Reactions On Twitter:

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