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Liveme america inc charge on credit card



Liveme america inc charge on credit card

There have been several unauthorized reports about a liveme America Inc. charge on credit cards from different people.

You are not alone on this. We will be writing a review and sharing what we know about the credit card charge.

What is liveme america and is it legit

LiveMe is a live streaming platform where users can broadcast live videos and interact with their audience.

It allows content creators to share their talents, connect with viewers, and build a community. Users can find a variety of content on LiveMe, including live broadcasts of gaming, music, lifestyle, and more.

In terms of legitimacy, LiveMe is a real platform that many content creators have used.

Why is Liveme america inc charge showing on my credit card?

If you see the Liveme america inc charge on credit card, it means you bought an item from the company or someone else used your card which could be a sign of fraud.

Be aware that fraudsters frequently conduct a small dollar transaction to see if a card is active.

They begin selling the numbers on the black market after receiving approval.

Minor unauthorized purchases are frequently an indication that the card has been compromised, so you should lock your card right away.

You should notify Liveme america about an unauthorized charge so that the charges on your account can be stopped.

Before that, Examine all receipts from that time period to ensure you did not simply overlook a purchase you authorized.

If you come up empty-handed, contact the merchant; it could be an honest mistake, and the charge can be reversed. If it’s not an error, contact your credit card company to dispute the charge.

What to do if you didn’t authorize the Liveme america inc charge on credit card

If you did not authorize the charge or you never bought anything from the company, you could be the victim of credit card fraud.

You must immediately notify your card issuer by calling the number on the back of your card or logging into your online credit card account.

Your credit card company will most likely cancel your card and send you a new one. You will not be held liable for the unauthorized charges.

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