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How To Steal Someone’s Boyfriend (Steps)



Steal boyfriend

Everyone knows that all the good men are married. The men who are available are available because they have a flaw. As a single woman looking to start a family, you have only one option: steal someone else’s boyfriend.

The most important thing to remember is to maintain plausible deniability. Don’t be too direct. Simply enter his sphere as a friend and talk (briefly) about your other dates, family, and hobbies. Discover his interests and become interested in them.

Investigate his current relationship.

As a woman, you understand how sad and frustrated he is, so assist him in channeling that negative energy. Find out what his girlfriend is doing wrong and force him to focus on it.

But remember plausible deniability: don’t say anything negative about her.

Mold your personality to his alleged likes and dislikes as you delve deeper into his relationship.

Is his girlfriend argumentative? be accommodating

Is his girlfriend stupid? Be a smart female boss.

Is he fond of the way she cooks? Say, me too!

As you get to know him better, ask him to introduce you to his girlfriend, either online or in person.

Get close to her and begin sowing discord between them. Make it appear as if he lied, did something stupid, or said something negative about her. Make it appear as if you’re on her side.

Things are going to get complicated because you’re destroying their trust in their relationship while also being their only source of comfort.

He’ll try to make a move, but you CANNOT allow yourself to be the other woman. He must end their relationship before anything physical occurs.

If you can’t help yourself, you must show IMMENSE GUILT AND SHAME and force him to end the relationship. He can’t see you as easy; you must demonstrate that you have morals and values and that you despise breaking your moral code… you were just overwhelmed with passion for him.

The only issue that remains is the ex-girlfriend. If you did your job correctly, she probably dislikes him now, and you’re free to drop her out of her life before you make your new relationship public.

A critical aspect of all of this is that NO ONE should know what happened, or else the entire relationship will be publicly tainted.

People will have negative thoughts about your future family, which could have long-term consequences for your generations.


Source: Twitter.

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