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Who is Chucky’s Son? Find Out



Chucky Son

The name of Chucky’s Son is Glen also known as “Glen Tilly”. He is the main protagonist of Seed of Chucky; unlike his parents, they are good and meek doll.

Don Mancini is credited with writing the original screenplay for the Child’s Play horror film series, which features the character Glen. They are the only living doll character not voiced by an Academy Award candidate because Billy Boyd portrays them. Beans El-Balawi portrays them in their human shape. They are also known as Glenda Ray since their gender fluidity has been observed to produce two distinct personalities.

Chucky and Tiffany

Chucky and Tiffany

Tiffany is first presented to the viewers in “Bride of Chucky.” When Charles Lee Ray was still a human, she was his ex-girlfriend. Tiffany, who is now aware that Chucky is a doll, finds the missing pieces and buys them so she can put him back together. Tiffany believes that Chucky was going to ask her to marry him before he passed away, but Chucky had no interest in doing so.

Instead, he transfers her soul into a doll that belongs to her. Finding a solution to return his spirit to a human body is Chucky’s top priority. Chucky and Tiffany finally get married along the way. Confusion surrounds the mechanisms through which Chuck and Tiffany are able to imagine life in doll form. Nevertheless, they are unable to change into human bodies at the end of “Bride of Chucky.” Tiffany gives birth to their child instead.

Chuckys Son

Glen and Glenda

Glen’s unborn twin, Glenda, sometimes assumes control of their body’s consciousness when Glen is physically assaulted.

Chucky and Tiffany

After both Chucky and Tiffany die in “Bride of Chucky,” their child uses an amulet to bring them back in “Seed of Chucky.” They are first perplexed as to how they are parents, but they choose to ignore it and embrace Glen as their son. 

It doesn’t take them long to learn Glen is not their only child. Chucky and Tiffany learn Glen has a second personality while trying to put their souls into people. The other personality is Glenda, who is always sad, whereas Glen is sensitive and stays away from conflict. Glen and Glenda battle their conflicting personalities.

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