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“Don’t Look Up”: Why did the General charge for Snacks?



Don't Look Up general snacks

There have been several questions surrounding why General Stuart Themes charged Kate, Dr. Mindy, and Teddy for snacks that were free.

Kate can’t seem to let this go in the ‘Don’t Look Up‘ movie, bringing it up multiple times to other people.

“I’ve gone over it again and again and again in my head and I still can’t make sense of it,” Kate said. “He’s a three-star general, He works at the pentagon. Why would he charge us for free snacks?”

However, Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan), head of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office replied to Kate, “One time, I met Sting, and I swear to God, he farted right in front of me. Didn’t break eye contact and didn’t even say excuse me.”

He added: “And the thing is he actually pulled it off. Cause I still found him to be quite charming.”

People on Reddit and other social media platforms are giving the scenario a different meaning. One said it means “The government charges private citizens for essentials that are already paid for.”

Another said: “Maybe it was a metaphor for things that should be free or accessible but the elite turns it into profit. For example health care”.

Another added: “They are greedy. The rich will take any chance to get more money”

Well, It’s supposed to be deadpan humor, but it’s dry. SHARE YOUR REACTION BELOW.

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