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Madea is back, Watch Homecoming Trailer



The trailer of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming has been released and fans can’t wait for the full movie.

In the movie, Madea prepares to welcome her family into town to celebrate her Great-Grandson’s graduation from college, but some buried secrets threaten to derail the happy family reunion.

Tyler Perry, the writer/director, told Entertainment Weekly that he opted to bring back the character because he felt there was a need for more comedies. He went on to say that reclaiming Madea was like “putting on gloves.”

“I was looking at the state of the world and how polarized it is… nobody’s laughing. Nobody’s getting the chance to belly-laugh anymore,” he said. “And I’m like, ‘What tool do I have in my arsenal that can bring that kind of laughter?’ “

He also said on social media, “We need to laugh, man, too much is going on in the country. We need to laugh, so, I was done, but she’s coming back. Madea on Netflix. I can’t wait.”

The Madea character initially appeared in the 1999 play I Can Do Bad All by Myself, and went on to appear in a number of other Perry plays, as well as films based on those plays.

A Madea Homecoming debuts on Feb. 25 on Netflix.

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