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Squid Game: Who is Player 324? First player to be eliminated



squid game player 324 actor

Who is Player 324, the first person to die in the squid game movie?

Player 324 and 250 were friends during the Red Light, Green Light Game in Episode 1 of the movie.

Squid Game: Player 324

According to our research, Player 324 actor is named Lee Han-Sol.

The South Korean actor has featured in different Korean movies, Iron Bag Mr. Woo-Soo (2012), The Neighbor Zombie (2010), A Millionaire’s First Love (2006), Heaven’s Soldiers (2005) among others.

Squid Game: Player 250

Player 250 actor is named Park Ji-Hoon.

 He has featured in various Korean movies, Beyond Evil (2021) and Lovers of the Red Sky (2021).

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