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Solar Power Album: Has Lorde ‘Mood Ring’ Leaked?



Lorde interview with Vogue/Youtube

Lorde is set to release a new album titled, “Solar Power“. Rumors have circulated that the ‘Mood Ring’ has been leaked.

Solar Power Album, Lorde’s follow-up to 2017’s Melodrama, will be released on August 20, The New Zealand singer-songwriter said. Lorde also announced a 2022 tour in addition to the details of her album.

Lorde and former collaborator Joel Kefali co-directed a new music video for “Solar Power.” Jack Antonoff collaborated on the song’s co-writing and production. “The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalising the deep, transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors,” Lorde wrote upon the single’s release.

Solar Power Album will be accessible as visual material. “I decided early on in the process of making this album that I also wanted to create an environmentally kind, forward-thinking alternative to the CD,” Lorde said in a statement. “I wanted this Music Box product to be similar in size, shape and price to a CD, to live alongside it in a retail environment, but be something which stands apart and that’s committed to the evolving nature of a modern album.”

Lorde ‘Mood Ring’ Leak

  • Lorde ‘Mood Ring’ has not been leaked on social media.

On June 10, Lorde’s single“Solar Power” was leaked after Apple Music and Tidal posted it ahead of schedule — It was however taken down minutes later.

While speaking on the leak of the single, The 24-year-old said: “I mean, listen I love it. Kids are insane. I love it. I respect it. I love how hungry they are. Tonight is the solar eclipse, you know, you got to follow the vibes”.

Solar Power Tracklist:

  1. The Path
  2. Solar Power
  3. California
  4. Stoned in the Nail Salon
  5. Fallen Fruit
  6. Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
  7. The Man with An Axe
  8. Dominoes
  9. Big Star
  10. Leader of a New Regime
  11. Mood Ring
  12. Oceanic Feeling

Lorde has received five Grammy nominations and has won two of them. In 2017, Melodrama was nominated for Album of the Year.

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