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1Team Disband after 2 years, Twitter reacts



South Korean group 1Team is disbanding after two years, Liveworks Company announced.

1Team | Rubin, BC, Jinwoo, Jehyun, and Jeonghoon

The South Korean boy group formed by Live Works Company in 2019, and consisted of 5 members namely:

  • Rubin (루빈) – leader, vocalist
  • BC (비씨) – rapper
  • Jinwoo (진우) – vocalist
  • Jehyun (제현) – vocalist
  • Junghoon (정훈) – rapper,

have ended their contract with Liveworks Company. The members “will be headed towards different dreams, not as 1TEAM” Liveworks said.

1Team debuted on March 27, 2019, with the mini-album Hello! and debut song “Vibe”.

1Team Disbandment: Liveworks Statement

This is Liveworks Company.

We appreciate all the love and support you have shown to 1TEAM, and we would like to let you know about the future plans of 1TEAM. Please note that we have put a considerable amount of time into deliberating before reaching this decision.

After long discussions between the 1TEAM members and Liveworks Company, both sides have agreed to end 1TEAM’s official activities as a group on March 14, 2021, and terminate their contract with Liveworks Company as a group.

1Team | Rubin, BC, Jinwoo, Jehyun, and Jeonghoon

To all the fans who loved 1TEAM, we sincerely apologize for delivering this news suddenly.

Thank you once again to all the fans worldwide for your love and support for 1TEAM. Please wish the best for the members who will take the next steps in their lives individually. Now they will be headed towards different dreams, not as 1TEAM, and Liveworks Company also wishes the best of luck to all members.


Please note that all of the official 1TEAM channels including FANSHIP will be closed after March 31.

Thank you.”

Twitter reacts on 1Team Disbandment

The termination of contract and the 1Team been disbanded has got fans reacting on Twitter.


“1team have barely been around for 2 years and i’ve been with them since debut. their last comeback was in august. they’ve had four song releases (which none were full albums) and they arent even on spotify anymore. tell me how i can make this hurt less” A lady wrote.

Another fan wrote: “Ima be offline for awhile one of my fav groups ( 1team ) are disbanding and I’m actually really sad. I love and support their decisions but it’s just sad”


Jelani Day Body Found in Illinois River, Cause of death Unknown



Jelani Day Body Found

The male body found in the Illinois River on Sept. 4 is missing Illinois State University graduate student Jelani Day. The LaSalle County Coroner confirmed.

Forensic dental identification and DNA testing and comparison helped confirm the identity of the body. Coroner Richard Ploch added.

The cause of Jelani Day’s death is unknown, and an investigation is ongoing. Toxicology is still testing.

Jelani Day, 25, was last seen Aug. 24. at the Illinois State University campus. His family in Danville and a faculty member reported him missing after he did not show up for a class for several days.

Jelani’s last known location was at Beyond Hello in Bloomington at 9:21 a.m. Aug. 24.

Jelani Day

His car was recovered in Peru, IL on Aug. 27 with no license plates in a wooded area south of the Illinois Valley YMCA and north of the intersection of 12th Street and Westclox Avenue.

During a press conference, Bloomington Police Department Spokesperson John Fermon said they are still working to figure out some of the details regarding Day’s death.

“We haven’t said if there’s foul play or anything like that. People are on edge. It impacts everyone,” Fermon said.

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